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Mercury Swift is an artist from Baltimore, Maryland.

They received a BFA in Interdisciplinary Object Design from Towson University in 2021.

Swift uses traditional and contemporary techniques and materials, fusing them into a playful poetry that lives on the body.Their work looks to the past while carrying a forward momentum. Their media include CAD/CAM, lamp-working, and small metals fabrication.

Art is a vehicle in which Swift finds themself.

Their art is inspired by meditations on patterns observed in the world ー physically, spiritually, individually and collectively. These ideas are manifested in a visual language, constructed by elements of nature and mathematics.

Swift is deeply moved by the divine beauty in nature.

They are inspired by plant, animal and mushroom biology, geology, astronomy, and the universal patterns found within them. They are also heavily inspired by ancient and contemporary craft, religious architecture, feminist performance, surrealist paintings, and sound art.


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